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Use Infrared Data Transfer to Connect Computers and Devices

You can connect your computer to other nearby computers and devices without wires, using infrared light to transfer data, the same way your TV remote control sends signals. Most new portable computers have built–in infrared transceivers, and Windows XP supports the Infared Data Association (IrDA) standards and protocols, allowing you to connect with such devices as printers, modems, digital pagers, personal digital assistants, electronic cameras, organizers, cellular phones, and hand–held computers.

To establish an infrared link

1. Verify that the devices you want to connect with have infrared functionality enabled and work correctly.

For information about verifying infrared functionality on your computer, see below. For information about verifying infrared functionality on other devices, see the device manufacturer's documentation.

2. Align your devices so that the infrared transceivers are within one meter of each other, and the transceivers are pointing at each other.

When the devices are correctly aligned, the Infrared icon icon appears on the taskbar.

  • The infrared transceiver is the small, dark red window on your portable computer, printer, digital camera, adapter, or other device.

  • You can choose whether to hide or display the Wireless Link taskbar icon when two infrared devices are aligned. By default, the Wireless Link taskbar icon is displayed.

To verify infrared support on your computer

1. Verify that your computer has an infrared transceiver (the transceiver will appear as a small, dark red window).

If your computer does not have an infrared transceiver, see your manufacturer's documentation to verify whether IrDA functionality is supported. You could also consider adding a IrDA card which can found at most good computer supply shops.

2. Open Device Manager. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click System in the left panel. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

3. Double–click Infrared Devices

If you have an infrared transceiver, but Infrared Devices does not appear in Device Manager, you do not have an infrared device installed.

If no infrared devices are listed, do one or both of the following:

  • Enter BIOS setup to verify whether the infrared device is enabled in BIOS, in IrDA, or Fast IrDA (FIR) mode. For information about how to enter BIOS setup, see your computer manufacturer's documentation. If the infrared device is disabled in BIOS, you might be able to use your computer's BIOS setup to enable it.

    Warning: Using a BIOS setup utility incorrectly can cause your computer to operate incorrectly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of the BIOS setup can be solved. Use this utility at your own risk. Before you make any changes, make a note of the original settings so that you can reinstate them if necessary.

  • See your computer manufacturer's documentation to determine whether the BIOS needs to be updated.
    1. Verify that at least one infrared device is listed and that it is enabled.

    If infrared devices are listed but they are not enabled, verify that the infrared devices are installed correctly on your computer. Infrared transceivers are now installed in nearly all new portable computers. If your computer does not have an infrared transceiver, but it supports IrDA, and IrDA is enabled in BIOS, you can install an external infrared transceiver.

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