clik on piks to see them clearly

that day evening at 8 o clok sudhir came to my home ,i waz using ava find ,he asked me to try for ava find pro ,so nenu inka anni search chstunna cracks kosam,i saw a file named avafind pro crack[here crack means a file which automatically unlock the trail version of the software]I downlaoded that file and insatlled it after 2 min............................

how to manually delete the virus

.see the below pik with blue screen and warning......and a new program installed automatically and scanning my windows directory and showing me u hav 899000 virus ..........all my desktop changed and registry changed ....but none of sucking virus does me any thing...bcoz me onth eregistry editor lollz....
i will say u an easy procedure and then another procedure for advanced users..
clik ok pictures to see them clearly

really messing virus yaar.if u want to remove this virus jus follow these steps :

1)first of all wen ever u see this screen u jus go to system restore [must go in 2 min afetr the virus attaked or else all ur restore points will be deleted after some time
2)ur prob will be solved and u hav to remember some of ur insatlled programs will be lost

but if u need all the programs and want to remove that virus u hav to follow thez steps

1)first go to start and resatrt ur computer
2)press f11 before ur computer starts [press continusly till u see some thing]
3)then select to satrt ur computer in safe mode
4)u can find some program like antivirus xp 2008 go to that process and end it and

also go to program files and remove a folder named rhc.... del that sucking folder
5) now u go and create a new user account as adminstrator
6)and logoff and log in with that account[the new account which u created ]
7)now change the account which u used before as limited account
8)and delete that account and keep files[means save the imporant files which are in documents and desktop]
9)now u restart the system in normal way all ur virus is banged out baby
10)all types of windows virus can be removed manually like this
*****if u hav any doubts clik here or mail to

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