• DEFINATON:keywords are nothing but the words which google index ur page by selcting some of ur words from ur post which u write,using good keywords means the keywords which are often searched by people or trafic

NOTE: the above defenition is my own defination and it may work or may not ,i dont hav any response to it ,its only my experience :thnQ

Had another little play with addsense and what it shows on my own site. My site sells very specific widgets and every page has an addsense at the bottom of the page that shows adds from all competitors and their general everyday widgets.

Decided to create an affiliate site in a directory on the same site.
Each page of the affiliate site has a couple of paragraphs related to to the chosen area of adds and then the affliate links and descriptions stuffed with keywords of the links. Each pages filename is also stuffed with keywords.

On the first upload of every page the addsense adds showed adds related to my competitors and their general everyday widgets. Not any related to the category of the page.

Hit the refresh button and related adds started showing. Some pages got the correct adds after only one refresh other pages took a couple of page refreshes before showing any related adds.
One page just would not show the correct adds and continued to show general everyday widgets. Could not work out why, keywords there, descriptions etc etc. Even the affiliate links were for well known brand names related to each other and the category of the page. Even tried uploading the page again with more keywords stuffed in the meta tag, no just didnt want to play fair. Leave it for a while me thinks. Continued upload other pages and getting the correct adds after doing a refresh.

Back to the offending page, first quick explanation, each page has a php include navigation menu with the chosen categories. I upload each page type in the url and check the affiliate links work before adding the link to the php include navigation menu. Do this so I can mess with pages on a live site without users being able to click through before Ive finished.

Anyhoo still could not get this page to show the correct adds, kept trying a refresh even different browsersand clearing the cache. Decided oh well at least the affiliate links work, add it to the menu anyway. Uploaded the menu, clicked on the link to the offending page, whoo hoo correct adds. Why? dunno, my guess, again addsense give some importance to the filename or the description of the href link.

And Finally!
Had one page showed related adds after a refresh, however all the adds were for a specific gadget, and not a very popular gadget compared to others on the page. The only mention of this gadget was in the description of the affiliate link and just happend to have the first letter of each word capitalised. For some reason addsense latched onto only that word.

there you go, if you actually read all the above youl be like me, none the wiser!
cheers all.


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