By using this trick, you can hide your files in a rar file, but it looks like a picture.

For this you need Winrar and a Picture to show instead the hidden file.


1. Make a New Folder in any one drive, rename it to HIDDEN (you can put name of your wish).
Let it be in C drive, so that its address is C:\HIDDEN\

2. Copy all your secret files to that folder.
Select all the files.
Right click and select "Add to HIDDEN.rar" , here HIDDEN is the name that you gave to that folder created in first step.

3. Delete all files, except the created HIDDEN.rar file.

4. Copy an image to that folder. Let its name be taken as pic.jpg. This picture is used to hide the Winrar file that we made.

5. Now open Command Prompt. (Start > Run > cmd )

6. Change the prompt to C:\HIDDEN\ .
To do that, in cmd, first type cd c:\HIDDEN\ (works only if that folder is in windows (C:) drive).
If that folder is created in other drive like D:, then firts type D: ad press enter, then type cd D:\HIDDEN\.

7. Now type the following:
COPY /b pic.jpg + hidden.rar picture.jpg

8. That creates a picture that looks same as pic.jpg in HIDDEN folder.
This picture.jpg contains all your files.

To get your rar file, just change the extension .jpg of picture.jpg to .rar , and open it.
To hide, change the extension back to .jpg .

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