this post provides you with a very simple method to get orkut scraps delivered directly into your mobile phone as sms messages. The pages you may subscribe are scrapbook, community pages or even community messages. All the messages will be delivered free of cost. Following are the steps to get any orkut page as sms to mobile :

  1. Register your mobile phone to MyToday. MyToday supports almost all networks in India.
  2. Login to your orkut account and navigate to the page to which you wish to subscribe.
  3. Copy the URL of the above page. It should be copied completely including http://. URL can be found in the address bar (where you enter of your browser.
  4. In other window/ tab, open the orkutfeeds site and in the field provided, paste the above orkut URL and click on subscribe.
  5. Now, copy the URL of subscription page as said above.
  6. Open your MyToday account, and navigate to a page as seen in the snap in the following way.
    a. Under My tab, click on feeds.
    b. Under My Folders, click on Manage feeds.
    c. Under Folders tab, click on SMS.
    d. You will now get into a page.
  7. Enter the name as you wish. Say, “My scraps” and at the URL field, paste the URL which you have copied from orkutfeeds subscription page, check Send SMS, click Create.
  8. You’re done! Now, you can expect your scraps delivered into your mobile phone as and when your scrapbook updates.

You may use following methods to get your scrap directed to your mobile phone.
1. Determine your cell phone’s email id and use RSSFWD to send scrapbook feed updates to your mobile phone. Easiest way to determine your mobile phone’s email id is to send an email from your cell phone to your mail id (it costs you ) and look for from address in mail. In RSSFWD, you need to enter your cell phone’s mail id instead of your email id.

Get orkut feeds on your mobile

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