The Personal Computer has been kicking it for many years now, with the first IBM PC launched in 1981 with a 4.77MHz CPU and 64KB of RAM. That was almost 27 years ago, a long time in computer history. One of the problems with the modern computer is that they are too powerful for their own good with most programs running perfectly fine on any CPU from the last three or four years. Add to that the fact that PC gaming is mostly a dying breed; this means that the modern computer has issues with finding a killer app.
Intel dominates the CPU market with their CPUs. At the moment, their quad core CPUs outshine their competition from AMD by wide margins, with AMD forced to compete on price/performance instead of strict performance as the fastest AMD CPU, the Phenom X4 9850 doesn’t come close to the performance of the fastest Intel CPU, the QX9770 which I’m reviewing today. The Intel QX9770 is their first 1600MHz FSB CPU and is geared for the ultra high end crowd and those not meek with their cash flow

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