For mobile platforms the Intel® Core™ Solo processor represents the next generation in processor innovation.Product informationView processor numberΔ detailsView specification chartFeatures and benefitsEnhanced performanceThe Intel Core Solo processor is the next generation mobile processor for power-optimized mobile processing. It is enhanced to handle today's demanding software applications—such as graphics-intensive games or serious number-crunching programs.Power efficiencyThe Intel Core Solo processor enables laptops with improved battery life for an enhanced mobility experience.+A vibrant media experienceThe Intel Core Solo processor delivers enhanced performance for today's demanding applications such as CAD tools, 3D and 2D modeling, video editing, digital music, digital photography and gaming.Smarter, more efficient designsIntel® Smart Cache enables smarter, more efficient cache and bus design for enhanced performance, responsiveness and power savings.Intel® Centrino® processor technologyThe Intel Core Solo processor is a key ingredient of the Intel® Centrino® processor technology platform.Compare productsCompare Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology featuresMotherboard and Barebones Selector GuideCompare Intel® laptop chipsetsIntel® Centrino® processor technologyTake a breakthrough leap in mobility with dual-core processing and revolutionize your entertainment and connectivityLearn more ›Products in action PersonalYour Mobile LifestyleMobile EntertainmentGamingProfessionalSmall BusinessΔ Intel processor numbers are not a measure of performance. Processor numbers differentiate features within each processor family, not across different processor families. See for details.+ System performance, battery life, high-definition quality and functionality, and wireless performance and functionality will vary depending on your specific operating system, hardware and software configurations. References to enhanced performance including wireless as measured by SYSmark* 2004 SE, PCMark*05, 3DMark*05, 3DMark*06, SPEC* CPU2000* and Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI)* refer to comparisons with previous generation Intel® Centrino® processor technology platforms. References to improved battery life as measured by MobileMark* 2005, if applicable, refer to previous generation Intel Centrino processor technology platforms. Wireless connectivity and some features may require you to purchase additional software, services or external hardware. Availability of public wireless LAN access points is limited, wireless functionality may vary by country and some hotspots may not support Linux*-based Intel Centrino processor technology systems. See for more information. SPEC, SPECint, SPECfp, SPECrate, SPECweb, SPECjbb are trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. See: for more information on the benchmarks...............

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