Intel is the number one motherboard chipset manufacturer in the world to go along with being the number one CPU supplier to the computing public. The high-end enthusiasts in the market use Intel based motherboards but generally stay away from their branded motherboards. Intel is trying to get into the enthusiast market with boards like the DX48BT2 which is supposed to be for overclockers with their BoneTrail platform of which this is the motherboard component.

The X48 Express chipset was launched a month or two ago to great acclaim as it introduced new features like the FSB 1600MHz CPUs (Yorkfield) and sported a new MCH. The X48 chipset has been a success in the market place as AMD’s Phenom has not been a successful launch in terms of performance and features. Today’s review is on their branded DX48BT2 motherboard which Intel touts is for the overclocker and is geared for the enthusiast.

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