Don’t open or activate any e-mail attachments from any unknown sources or unknown people

Remember to install anti-virus tools and frequent updating of those softwares are a must

Don’t use any illegal softwares under what circumstances

Back up every important files or programs regularly

Scan every attachment one receives before activating them

Think carefully before you really open the attachment , especially from unsolicited sources

Don’t attempt to use any disks from unknown sources

Scan your files and programs for any infected symptoms regularly

Download files only from trustable/reliable sources

For more details, please consult Georgia State University, IS&T Help Centre Services.

Look at what the viruses have done in the last 30 days:

Legend Red 100,001+, Brown 1001-10,000, Yellow 0-100 # of virus attacks

these r not only the precautions thez are basic precautions u may hav more topics from

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