All the bloggers work very hard on their blogging skills, making their blog more interesting, profitable and good looking. But do you think concentrating on these aspects are enough? Well I don’t think so. I am an ethical hacker and found thousands of blogs hacked in last year and bloggers lose everything they had. Their hard work and their dreams, everything goes vanished.
You can prevent all these things just by keeping some little facts in mind and use the following simple tips for your blog.

1. Back up: -

The smartest blogger is the one, who keeps back up of his blog template, all post and all other secondary things. You need to back up your data every time you update your blog. Bloggers sites and sites provide you this facility. You have to use it intelligently. When you create back up, take it on CD’s, DVD’s or any hard drive. Don’t just keep on your hard drive store it and make copies of it if you are serious in your blogging.

Backing up your data gives you assurance if someone hack your blog and destroys your design you can restore all by using these backups you made. It costs almost nothing but they are very valuable if you are attacked by hackers.

2. Choosing host for your blog is very important: -

Your blog host should be choose very intelligently who should be always there whenever you blog have any problem. If your blog is hacked means server of your host is hacked so you have to make it sure that your host should be good enough to make you secure. Having a quality host who offers you personal and comprehensive help in those times when things go wrong is very important.

3. Update your blog Software:

You have to update your blog software’s every time possible minimum you have to update software in a month.
Software companies make their software more and more secure from all possible threats. So if you update the software regularly you can be safer definitely.
It’s a simple thing but everyone ignores this fact and you can lose your blog. So keep updating software.

4. Keep your blog active:

There are millions of blogs out there and many 30 % of them are dead. What I mean by dead is they are not active. They are not updated.
What I have observed in hacked blogs is many of them are dead blogs. So if you do not keep your blog updated it can be hacked easily.
Still if you don’t wanted to keep your blog active you just keep your blog software updated.

5. Passwords - Damn important thing

Make strongest possible passwords you can. You can get many password security tips on security sites. Follow them all.
And if you think you are secure enough don’t ever expose your password to anyone.
Don’t use obvious passwords. Like names and dictionary words.
Use combination of numbers, letters and special symbols.
Use password length at least of 8 numbers

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