Why current anti-virus techniques are doomed: "Why current anti-virus techniques are doomed

There are a variety of complementary anti-virus techniques in common usage [5, 6]. Activity monitors alert users to system activity that is commonly associated with viruses, but only rarely associated with the behavior of normal, legitimate programs. Integrity management systems warn the user of suspicious changes that have been made to files. These two methods are quite generic, and can be used to detect the presence of hitherto unknown viruses in the system. However, they are not often able to pinpoint the nature or even the location of the infecting agent, and they often flag or prevent legitimate activity, and so can disrupt normal work or lead the user to ignore their warnings altogether.

Virus scanners search files, boot records, memory, and other locations where executable code can be stored for characteristic byte patterns that occur in one or more known viruses. They tend to be substantially less prone to false positives than activity monitors and integrity management systems. Scanners are essential for establishing the identity and location of a virus. Armed with this very specific knowledge, repairers, which restore infected programs to their original uninfected state, can be brought into play. The drawback of scanning and repair mechanisms is that they can only be applie"

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