recording  (.pls or .asx) to their hard drives in .mp3 or .wav format.

Open up your [SOUND RECORDER]
(Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Entertainment --> sound recorder )

Notice how when you click RECORD is get its input from the microphone and records your voice. We will try to "hack" this process and make it record from the computer

To do this:

a. Double Click your VOLUME control from your system tray, go to PROPERTIES.
Make sure () Playback is NOT checked.
And (X) Recording is checked.

b. In, "Show the following Volume Controls"
and uncheck () MICROPHONE

Now, you're set to go. So test out your configuration, by actually recording a streaming audio playlist (I recommend Click on a playlist so it plays, and get SOUND RECORDER ready. When you want to record press RECORD, and when you want to stop, just press STOP. Play the recording to hear what you recorded. SAVE it if you like it and are done. It's saved as .wav (but you can convert it to .mp3 easily with the new Windows Media Player 11 converter).

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