one of the typical problems i have found in windows xp is "task manager " and "desktop disappearance" 

today this tricks helps you to come out of that problems easily..

Launch the Registry Editor [ open run   (Windows+R )   and  type regedit

locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/ CurrentVersion/WinLogon.

Double-click on value named Shell (set by default to Explorer.exe).

Enter Taskmgr.exe

for the NT Task Manager.

For a command prompt,

enter Cmd.exe.

Close the Registry Editor and log off.

now you are almost done with your problem .if u find any bugs in it just leave the comment below ..ill solve your problem ..

cheer Up -have fun

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  1. Neelakanta Said,

    i have this problem... but.. even to open my registry editor..(regedit) .. it is not allowing ...
    it says " regedit is diabled by ur admininistrator..." can u please help me out??

    i have the other problem too.. ( of course this is not releated to this problem).. the problem is... i can't uninstall my norton antivirus program. can u give me a way of removing it...
    thanks in advance...

    Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2009


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