chrome got its own features like drag and drop tabs and the most important feature is its start up time.that really great and 150% increase in Javascript performance brings your browser act smart in case of not responding and script execution cases.
see below image for javascript performance

coming to the speed for browsing there is another browser which nearly reach chrome's speed.its opera 10 final
here is the comparison chart


Memory usage chart

Tab loading speed

overall java script  speed

but chrome has got no addons like firefox or flock.using firefox and flock u can browse and also have lot of benifits using 1000's of addons.
so i suggest my readers to use chrome while they want to read blogs and online books or checking mails and navigating through network
if  u want to blog or do any multitask network related work while browsing  internet i suggest u to use firefox or flock.
soon am going to come with a new post on browser flock.that post includes how to flock effectively and use its feautures effectively.

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