W32.Gosys Description

W32.Gosys is a malicious Worm that spreads via computer networks. W32.Gosys opens a back door on the compromised computer and may cause additional damage to the system by recording keystrokes, updating itself and downloading files to execute commands. Once installed, W32.Gosys creates files in main Windows OS directories. W32.Gosys also creates/modifies certain registry entries so that it runs whenever Windows starts. Please use an automatic removal tool below to terminate W32.Gosys from the system before damage occurs.
To remove this virus/worm we have two ways 
1) using the recommended software
2)use manual removal process
but i recommend you use the first way. 

download the software

we are not distributing or selling  this software.we are only using this to promote the useful software.we have know rights on this software legally.if the developers of this software need to remove this from here.please mail us at v2tricks@yahoo.com

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