Welcome! Viruses can seem mysterious but computer viruses are actually quite easy to understand.
I'll give you the information you need know to make sure that your PC is safe from viruses and all the other threats that may damage your programs and data. In these pages I'll explain exactly what viruses are, how they work, and how to protect against them.
Viruses are actually very simple. Once you understand exactly what they can and cannot do, it's much easier to take appropriate precautions. While we'll be spending most of our time talking about viruses, I'll also cover the threats that are much more likely than viruses to damage your programs and data. Although I'll occasionally touch on some rather esoteric or complex topics, you won't need to be a "techy" to understand this text or to find it useful in your day-to-day use of your computer. I will go one step at a time and I will explain all the concepts and jargon clearly before I use the terms. I'll also focus on practical information that will help you protect your PC. Everyone should benefit from reading these pages; those of you that are experts will be able to skip the background information, yet I will still explain everything clearly for those of you that are new to PCs.
You may even be wondering if viruses are really worth worrying about at all. Do you think you're safe because you rarely download software or buy only from a trusted retailer? Are viruses really a serious threat to your PC or are viruses mostly hype? Let me begin by quickly putting this issue into perspective. Viruses and anti-virus programs are not really the mysterious, complex, and hard to understand software that many people consider them to be. Not only can these programs be understood by anyone, but these days, it's critical that we all fully grasp how they work so as to protect ourselves.

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