Recently i have installed windows 7 on my PC . the appearance of windows 7 is too good.
the fast and navigation between windows is like listening music while driving your car.
but every operating system has some issues to be fixed when ever they go wrong or corrupted.
so i have searched for the best utility for that.many of my readers asked me a best free utility for windows 7 and i came up with this post

Windows club has posted a new software named fixwin(developed by ramesh) which is very easy to use to fix all comon widnows 7 and windows vista problems.

With this utility you can fix the following problems

1)fix all your windows 7 problems including registry and  task manager issues.

2)fix windows vista problems easily by using fixwin.

3)unable to open and taskbar problems in windows 7.

4)aero problems in windows vista and windows 7 .

and its free of cost.this free utility can be downloaded from here
fixwin sfc
How to use the application

(directions taken from windows club)

1. We first suggest that you run the System File Checker Utility. The button provided on the Welcome page, will ‘run sfc /scannow‘ and will check for and replace any corrupted Windows system files. It is expected to take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. If asked to, do reboot.

fixwin explorer
2. Next we insist that you create a System Restore Point. The provided button will create one, called Safe Point. We always recommend that you create one before making any changes to your system. Should you wish or need too, you can always go back to this Safe Point.

fixwin media
3. Having done that, apply at most one fix at a time and restart your computer. Please check if things are to your satisfaction; and if not, you have the option of restoring back immediately.

thanking the developer Ramesh  for affording it for free

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